Bramley Precinct

Bramley Precinct consists of 250 residential units, communal facilities, a school and retail space. It involves the redevelopment of an existing old age home in Bramley into predominantly high-density housing, as well as a mixed-use precinct. The project is significant because it is one of the first developement projects within the Louis Botha Corridor of Freedom Strategic Area Framework (SAF) and has been insentivised and supported by senior management at the City of Johannesburg. The buildings in the old age home have already been partially leased as affordable housing in the area and partially leased to a low-fee private school called Spark. Intentions for development are that it builds on this foundation as a predominantly affordable mixed-use precinct.

Local Studio were recommended to the developer by the Johannesburg Development Agency due to their previous work in developing the Louis Botha SAF with IYER Urban Design Studio. The current precinct has a number of linear single-storey buildings arranged in a logical grid across the site. The design simply looks to build on these footprints, up to five storeys higher, and define communal open spaces between these pavillions.