This was a tactical urbanism project conducted for the Johannesburg Development Agency in partnership with the South African Cities Network. Pedestrian mobility in the inner-city of Johannesburg remains an important issue which has not been sufficiently designed for. The main purpose of the project was to test the full and partial pedestrianisation of Joubert Street, which is one of the busiest north-south pedestrian routes in the inner city. The project took to the form of a two-week exercise, where various programs were tested in the streetscape. Permanent interventions, such as signage banners were complemented with short-term elements such as pallet-wood furniture and road paint. The testing exercise was successful in proving that this part of Johannesburg has a large population of children, with very few options for safe, open play areas.  

Client: Johannesburg Development Agency

Featured in Scape May 2022

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HelloJoubert Close-Out Report