Hillbrow Counselling Centre

The Outreach Foundation currently provide a very impactful counselling service to migrants in Hillbrow, an area rife with crime and violence. Counselling facilities were previously scattered around the site and the new building will bring them together into one counselling centre. Facilities will include counselling rooms, a meeting room and a roof garden. This has been funded by the German government.

Local Studio were appointed the project following the successful completion of the Outreach Foundation Community Centre for the same client and worked on this project pro bono. This is a new build structure in line with previous projects for the client. Local Studio’s aim was to create a striking, attractive landmark in the area. The program of the building proved to be a challenge, as individuals undergoing counselling don’t inherently want to be in a transparent space, threatening their need for confidentiality. The concept has thus developed to be that of a cocoon.

Client: Outreach Foundation NGO
Project area: 100 sqm