Protea Glen Secondary School

Protea Glen Secondary School is one of the Alternative Building Technology (ABT) schools rolled out by the Department of Education and Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development in 2018. The school won the Mitek Industries LSFB (Light Steel Frame Building) category in 2019. We aimed to design the school in such a way as to make use of the large site available while considering future development. The strategy was to divide the the school into smaller groups of junior, intermediate and senior blocks as well as an administrative and resources block that can be useful to the larger community. The north/south facing blocks allow for a comfortable learning environment, with larger and smaller courtyards as thresholds between the classrooms. The classrooms and blocks are all connected by a continuous walkway and canopy (stoep) with seating integrated in the structure. Challenging site conditions required raft foundation and extensive attenuation of stormwater on the site. The school was implemented in conjunction with Abacus Space Solutions.

Client: Abacus Space Solutions

Mitek Industries LSFB (Light Steel Frame Building) category in 2019