Takeaway Housing

Local Studio were, interestingly, given this brief to trick council into thinking that they were building one massive mansion, when in fact, they would be building four compact residential units on a single stand. Ironically, this area falls into the Corridors of Freedom Strategic Area Framework.

Local Studio has worked for the Adamjee Group on multiple projects – it is one of the company’s longest-standing client relationships. The design was largely inspired Irving Gill’s Horatio West Court development in Santa Monica, built in 1919. Local Studio were commissioned to design a kit of parts which could be applied in various configurations, depending on the constraints of the site. The ideal configuration would allow for a central street with two units on either side. The resultant form is not unlike standard bugalow-style houses in the suburb.

The ideal configuration was not built, however the resultant building functions well as an apartment building. The reason Local Studio opted for a single bungalow structure at the centre, was due to the neighbours’ rejection of the original plans.